Meet Dorothy Procopio

What brought you to Gurley United Methodist Church?

I’ve lived in New Hope most of my life. My aunt Lyla McMullen had been encouraging me to move to McMullen Cove, but the houses there were just too big. One day two years ago, Aunt Lyla called and said they were building smaller “cottage”-style homes. We checked the cottages out, and had one built for us. After moving to McMullen Cove, I joined a bridge club and started learning to play. I met Sherry Bice in the bridge club, and she kept inviting me to her church. After a while, I came one Sunday and really liked it here.

Tell us about an important spiritual event in your life.

I thought about this question a lot. I remembered a time as a teenager, I was staying with my grandmother to help her out. (This was Aunt Lyla’s mom.) One night she fell and hit an old grandfather clock. I heard her fall, and rushed out to help her. I know I must have been terrified! But my grandmother said to me, “Calm down. God’s got this. Just go to the phone and call someone.” When she spoke, her voice had this amazing calming effect on me. My breathing slowed and I got control of myself, and then I went and called for help. My family was glad I was there to help.

What do you want other members to know about you?

They’ll be interested to know that I’m an Auburn grad. Mary Louise Stowe and I have that in common. And I’m the baby of six children, so I know what it’s like to grow up with five siblings!

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