Meet April Thomas-Robinson

What brought you to Gurley United Methodist Church?

Last year, I went through a divorce. I was looking around to buy a house in Huntsville, but didn’t find anything that fit. One day I saw an ad for a house out in Gurley, went and checked it out, and it was perfect.

After moving out to Gurley, I felt God calling my kids and I to go to a church where we would be “used and needed.” I saw that Gurley United Methodist was participating in the community. I saw the church van drive through in the homecoming parade, supporting the students of Madison County High School. I saw Pastor Dale walking around Madison County Elementary School, packing the Bags of Blessing and being engaged in this community. So I gave Gurley UMC a try, and we are so glad to be here!

Can you tell us about an important spiritual event in your life, that made a significant impact on you?

I came to Gurley during the most difficult time of my life. Finding this house was an answer to prayer. Finding this church was an answered prayer! I see God’s hand at work in all of it.

I’ve always been in church, but something about Gurley United Methodist feels special. I tell everyone about this church! God is here, visible and working in this church. Gurley UMC tries to show God’s love in everything we do.

What do you want other members to know about you?

I’m always available. I’m here when you need me. Just ask!

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