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Pastor Al Geise

Gurley United Methodist Church—127 Years and Counting!


The earliest records available regarding worship services in Gurley, Alabama, state that people gathered in a very small school house on Bennett Road for their services. The group consisted of Methodists, Baptists, and Presbyterians.


The Methodist group discussed finding a lot and building a church. Captain Frank Gurley gave a lot for the church which was located north of the railroad. The Methodists became dissatisfied with this location and bought another lot where Gurley United Methodist Church stands today.


In December of 1891, the Methodist Church was completed enough to have services, but still needed much work. Over the years, the Ladies Aid Society, along with key members of the church, led much of the work to paint and furnish the church.  In 1927, the Gurley Church became a station.  In 1936, The Rev. L.L. Jones, who was pastor at the time, gathered volunteers and some donated materials and built the parsonage of sandstone that is located next to the church. In the 1960’s the Educational Building was constructed at a cost of $7,500. Since that time, members have continued to renovate and improve the church, but have kept a close watch on maintaining the mission and the heritage of the church.


It is hard to imagine Gurley United Methodist Church without thinking of the history of those who have worshiped here over the years. Fortunately, there are a number of carefully designed tributes in the church, including beautiful stained glass windows that remind worshipers and visitors of the deep heritage of the church.


Although many changes have occurred, the light of love and the worship has remained constant. This powerful light continues to shine in our community. With God’s help, the heritage of this church will continue throughout our lives, and far beyond.


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